Roses in vitro

- The men where you live, -said the little prince, -raise five thousand roses in the same garden - and they do not find in it what they are looking for.
- They do not find it, - I replied.
- And yet what they are looking for could be found in one single rose, or in a little water.
Antoine de Saint Exupery "The Little Prince"

'Lilli Marlene' in vitro Lietuva

Unique in Europe the flowering in vitro micro-propagated shoots of floribunda rose 'Lilli Marlene' have been achieved and implemented only by Lithuanian biotech-scientists. Since 2010 the Laboratory of Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology is managed by Lithuanian private company Euromediena. Consequently the project "Friends of Roses" was initiated in 2011 and the first collection of "Lilli Marlene in vitro Lietuva" was created in collaboration with glass-work artists and young designers searching for the new original decor ideas.

To purchase "Lilli Marlene in vitro Lietuva" by email: or ph:+370 620 77716. 

History & Biotechnology


Floribunda rose 'Lilli Marlene' was introduced in 1959 by Reimer Kordes, in Germany, and in 1978 she was brought to Kaunas...

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Friends of Roses & Legend


Project "Friends of Roses" was initiated by "Euromediena" in 2011 to present the unique in Europe "Lilli Marlene in vitro Lietuva"...

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